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To my influence, my opposition, my family, and my God.


released February 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Thani Houston, Texas

ana thani. Houwe awwal.

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Track Name: Intro (Response)
I took a sabbatical
the lies, I tried to fight: "just myself being radical!”
Hypocritical preachers imitating the God they know-
Don’t know why we don’t support ‘em
‘Cause with the kind of thought we lovingly behold
Makes no sense, the God we created is our foe!
We’re destitute of truth and you just boo me off the stage
Justify it as a cage that I’m living in
Legalism, religion; call it what you like
but foolish men despise the pursuit of knowledge
Even if it’s the gate to all things godly
“Poor thing… he’s a child in his faith; forget him,”
in Church new thought has no place

This introduction is meant to be challenging
Rattling your head and render you babbling
Battling nonsense, silencing rambling
Dead or alive, is no question of position
It may be that you feel; offended
Apologizingly, I meant it
But not for you; the one who’s listenin’
Talking to the schools of thoughts of ‘ism’s: y'all lyin'
Ooh, misguided – living life in denial
Funny how two parts of the brain don’t see eye to eye
Still turning down a chance to see God in better light
Trust me, thinkin' bout these things just might save your life
(It did mine!)

Multiplying doubt, we're flying south
Closer to the heat, clinging to his mouth
Entranced by the mystique, no joy abounds
Endearing; it sounds, is it the ‘Enemy’?
that speaks of predestiny, depravity,
Of irresistibility and fruit-bearing trees
Although maybe pleasing, He's defeating…
Us. The greatest lies twist the meaning, ugh

Give the people what they want
Give the people what they want
Give the people what they want
Please don’t piss the steeple off
And it’s teaching stupidity
“But honestly these problems are petty
Evangelizing to the already damned is priority
So damn your theology.”
Track Name: A Place in Heaven
Brother, would you listen to a sinner?
A friend, He’s love you from afar through a mirror
He doesn't understand your sorrow
But give me a moment, light will cover the shadows

No crime or evil you can ever commit
Will cut the ties of timeless relationship
Father desires son
just accept the gift

Oh MIKA, please
I'm begging you
All I want is to share the truth
There’s still a door yet, you haven’t tried
It’s not the end, don’t be deceived – there’s hope for life

In a world of pain
There’s hope for life
It’s easier to say
easy to decline
but a place in paradise for you, exists
Love exists, great and divine
The universe reacts when we deny
To rebellion it sends dreadful Odyne
I will never stop praying for you to find
the joy and hope that’s on the greener side
Let me tell you why, it was important that I,
write this song and defend the light
I hope this finds you well, the things I see
You're beautiful, respectable, and lovely –
A musical confessional, discovery
a chance to see behind-the-scenes, what a gift,
can you imagine what that does to a kid, though
when he sees his hero crushed?

There’s a way out behind you
But there’s no way I could blame you
I’m just sitting on the outside,
safe behind the speakers in my car
crying in my heart ‘cause I can see a different view
You and I, four eyes, two cameras,
Recording the same world, coming up with two answers
yet there’s no room for disregard
to escape darkness, we need the light of two lanterns
Hey, hey – please don’t give up.
The fact that you feel pain’s thorns pierce deep
means your heart has a capability to swing
drastically like a pendulum to truly know peace
Trust me,
‘cause if I can love you from afar
Then the all-powerful love you thought hated you
can do it with ease
and He does.

Track Name: The Unforeseen Saint
Zvanga zvaipa
Satani akakanda phungwa dzangu kune inwe nyika,
Kutondi dzipa.

Piritsi randakamedza kutondi pedza
Gedhi rinenge mbanje rinobva ravhura
Hupenyu hwekungo shupika manje,

Track Name: Smashing a Tulip
"Damn you to Hell, with no hope" – it’s what you teach.
Fatalism at its best, scarring wrists of teens
shoving pills down mother’s throats, guns to kids’ heads
proving God is the Master Rapist, a Sadist’s His true nature
It’s heinous, impossible to make it to “good” graces
amazing how you can play like He’s the greatest. It’s tasteless!
What’s wrong with you?
“Well, logic withdrew!”
Now millions securing nooses due to ruined worldview.
What’s the point of sharing your “good news”,
when really they can’t understand – yet they’re without excuse?!
How dare you, fool

How dare you, to think they are animals in your eyes.
Too dumb, too dead, screw the lingo – it’s all lies.

It all starts with a tulip,
Beauty blossomed into a fool’s whip.
Beauty blossomed into a bullet.
and you still wonder who’s the culprit

Thoroughly debased? For sure
Completely unable to respond? Bruh, I don’t think so
It ain’t unconditionally elected individual
His people elected to His service as a whole
Limited atonement;
this the one make no sense
How’d He die for the whole world,
But only for chosen?
Grace ain’t irresistible
Can’t tell you how much I sin
Once saved; always saved,
not once saved; always on track, man.

Hatred of existence hardens into banality
Menial drudgery - desolation consumes us
Hatred of existence hardens into banality
Menial drudgery - desolation consumes us

“Chill out, Thani –
what’s with all the angst?
We’ve told you a million times;
This don’t matter in the end!”
But if you’re wrong and it does
And a life's gone to waste
That’s on me for withholding
The second half of amazing grace
I’ve got more to say,
But I’ll let that marinate
I’m out
Track Name: Gratitude's What I Have for You (feat. Sydney Stewart)
VERSE I (Thani)
Hey, gratitude’s what I have for you
and I know folks be saying that
to build their revenue
but I truly care for you, mayne
‘Cause even though
I ain’t raised up from the hood
Still found your music could
touch my soul and change it for good
To think of all the times we’ve locked eyes
just a few feet from the stage
Single moments of time
absorbing knowledge of your ways
By now those moments left your mind
But those same moments
are ingrained in mine
teaching me how to write rhymes
and save lives; It’s no lie –
I’m your disciple
Now my life, is dedicated to the race
Yeah, call me a student of grace
Serving the rightful heir to the throne
in a darkened place, He leads the way
A worker’s worth his wages
So I wrote you these pages
To let you know, beyond question
I’m gracious.
Dre, for you I’m gracious
And all your creative labor, uncensored
and for that, I thank you

HOOK (Sydney Stewart)
Let my life display
for the world to see
the presence of Your work
and how you gifted me
I'm grateful, I'm thankful
Let my life give light
so the world believes
how Your love
helped me to believe
in Your greatness
'Cause Your gracious

VERSE II (Thani)
Honestly, I’m surprised
your music touched me so much
‘Cause honestly, we both hail
from different sides of the muck
That is this life, some’d say I had luck
‘cause my whole life
has been one bleakly
blind to the blood
Both parents, none died, none cried
Knew the light at age 5,
yet I died inside,
divided from the right
Guess in that way, we're the same
Everyone, our sins the same
And your gift can reach ‘em all
Even the suburb’s perfect child
Me; see I'm just a wee kid
Tryna make music
But lacking in rubric
'til I listened to you spit
Here I am at the pulpit
Thinking of you, man!
‘Cause your stories still move me
‘Cause your art is amazing
Thank you for poetry
that's engaging
So good,
I’m just tryna replicate it.


Track Name: After Gratitude
What he has for you
I’d say he had luck
bein’ blind to the blood

Why’s he your pick
Who’s this kid talkin’
All we need now
is some nails for his coffin.

He’s preaching ‘bout truth
Yeah, we should drop him
Afraid of what he’s plottin’
his love’s gone rotten
Track Name: When Love Lost (feat. Street Hymns)
VERSE I (Thani)
Freedom, let me get it now
Even though it ain’t gon' last
I deserve it, defending myself
By hating on others and killing my friends
You gotta be kidding me, God is the enemy
Judging me, hating me for all my sins
Exercising my rights; ain’t no sin
I believe it’s all acceptable in the end
Trust me, we gon’ all to make it to heaven in the end
I respect you all, (agh) --
Ha! Can’t say it with a straight face
If I’m being really honest I don’t think of you as human, OK?
Can't hear you
Just caught up in my own thoughts,
don’t really care about you, man. OK?
Too bad, I’m in denial – choose not be honest in the first place
‘Cause if I were then I’d realize I’m scared I don’t know my fate

VERSE II (Street Hymns)
Don't tell me, follow my heart,
and then say we should all have tolerance
'Cause that means you could tolerate
Even if I'm intolerant
How could you be autonomous?
It's anonymous dominance
Starting arguments
When I say, "I ain't following politics,"
Tell me, where is the common sense?
You could never accomplish it
'Cause everyone is so different,
the Law is never consistent
So really, we are incompetent
Of being judged and that's because
Stupid is as stupid does
If it was wrong now that means it was
So ask, who determines what is what?
I challenge you to write down every law
that you desire to see, and you will see that it's flawed
And I ain't trying to debate
Man, I'm trying to relate
So don't kick me out the convo
'Cause I say I have faith

TAG (Thani)
When Love lost, is when I will cry
The day Love won, is the day that I died
The day Love lost, is many – not just one
When Love wins, is when I lives through you
Track Name: Majabul bil Karahiyé
Ana thani, houwe awwal
Khaliné ilkon shi
Shi halli mishkleh
3am tikbar kil yom
7arb el ahliyye ba3da 3ayshe, mkhabayé bi 32oolna
ne7na manna nafs ih diyéné, la2
Bes ne7na min3eesh bi nafs el madeené, eh
Halla2, ne7na fard jablé – makhlouteen
gheir 2ara2, nazrat jdeedé
Madeené metnaw3a, btshee3 min el jbél
wel ba7r; raw3a, bas bnafs el wa2it, khatira
li2en 3am nfakkir inno ne7na el a7san
ahilna 3allamouna inno ne7na el akbar,
Khaliné khafif 3an 9idré
M3alesh ihno kil wa7ad 3indo fikroh
Bes jewehbna 3adé2 w karahhh
Karah la 7alitna, la i5wehtna, la nafsna
Ana hon; sawt l 7ekim
Karahiyé ekhirta el mot wel waja3
Khalliya tikbar bi albi bi sihrriyyé
W la7 ti2tol kill il bit7ebbon

el 7ubb houwe el 7all ta n3eesh bi salem
Ta ma nseer l 3adoww
Ktafayna min soo2 el mo3emalé
Mishén hek tzaharna la nnaddef eshewere3
Bes ne7na 3am ni2tul bi afwehna w 32oolna
Shou mnef2een, shou mnef2een
Ne7na badna hkoome bta3teena halli mnestehlo
bes ne7na 3am n3émel ikhwetna mitl ih zbelé
mitl ih zbelé

Yalla, shou rad fe3ilna ?
La7n dul kérheen ?
Ow la7n jéweb bi 7ubb
Mnikhtar hayét badihl mot, ya khaiyé
Track Name: (=)
I was hurt
Foolish, depressed, and bitterly delusional
Yielding to addiction, hating myself
Thinking I'm supposed to be taken care of already
Looking in from the outside seeing 'He was just a kid'
So if he fell and kept falling
Means he never accepted the gift of substitute
That’s what I was taught

But although substitutional death is wondrous
It is only the beginning
Having not died doesn't mean I have lived
This demands reaction: so what's my response?
I choose to draw closer to the light to live now and forever
To experience substitutional life
To enjoy the second half of the story
And to become best friends with Beauty
Track Name: Gift of God
Two peas in a pod, that’s who we are
God brought a bruh, now you’re my squad
Nathan and Nathan, we be strutting the streets
of the mall, shirts and shoes; man we lookin’ so clean, yuh
Nearly thirteen, meeting you on church scene
Jumpin’ on the couch while worshiping da King
That’s when I thought ‘simple yearning won't satisfy;
my answer was to hang with you and guys
Josy and Trent and you and I –
the beaches of South Padre: those were the golden days
Can’t say, I don’t miss at all, man
You already know, man – those times molded me into who I am
It’s so great to have a brother
two halves recovered, new path of color, agape lovers,
true shatter buffer, to catch the other when they fall
Always answer when they call
This single verse will never capture, the depths of our brotherhood
just hope it acts as a bummer
to those who think they can live life alone,
in their own zone, bro we chillin' wher'ver you are is my home
Wherever you are is my home
Track Name: Kiss
Masterpiece, I see you, you’re truly lovely, you know?
Born into a romance culture that don’t care for your soul
A world that will pervert the wondrous meaning of your smile
Your “friends” have told you that innocence is just a lie
But, one day you’re gonna become a woman to be awed
So much in store for you. Yes! Yes; way beyond
Your wildest fantasies – take the offered sachet of myrrh
Please save your delightful kisses for the man who meets you at the altar

A scarlet thread are your lips
Let only the licensed seamster touch
Your kisses are priceless
Deserved only for My eyes

Masterpiece, I’m with you as you cry, do you know?
You told me the other day you felt you were too far gone
Oh no, no, no! Listen to me well, my child:
I’m here with you in life – please lift your head and smile
It’s not the end, so long as I’m living
And I’m the giver of life, so no need for anxiety
Please… Let me bear your pain, for you my prize
I’m used to it, I did it on the cross!


Masterpiece, your beauty is defined by your soul
Don’t be discouraged, find your joy in the Father that carries you
My retaliation to your desperation is to reveal a glimpse of myself
For a second time, let them witness your sublime devotion

And you've been made a promise that will never perish
You are unblemished when you come to Him repentant
Mere survival in resurrection; blessed life in confession
Just like that - your kisses are renewed confections –

Dress in Beauty my masterpiece (2x)
Track Name: This Darkness (feat. Morgan Wallace)
VERSE I (Thani)
I live in a sewer
ashamed, I wait 'til after the sun falls to come home
through the manhole and rise before the night flees
I'm tired - don’t get much rest livin' like me
Outfits ironed, linens pressed
I keep 'em ready, pretending to be the best
Dressed in blessing, but my skin radiates illness
Eyes to the ground, masking my mess
To ensure the surface people don't think to look twice
At me; a sewer mutant in disguise
No longer do I look at the skies, 'cause to reach 'em
I've gotta spend time learning the science to build a rocket that flies
Which implies compromise to revise my lies
I can't improvise denies - Irony...
because of the belt they want me to wear
my clothes will fall revealing the filth I carry
(ain't it scary.)

BRIDGE (Morgan Wallace)
The thing about the underground
is that it’s so dark, you can’t see
that he's not alone, we've got our own
enter through different manholes

You’re not alone in the dark
Light shines through
You have to keep fighting for your life

VERSE II (Thani)
But my love for the sewer's too powerful a force
Dreamin' about it all day, I want it: no remorse
In the snares of staleness, we crave elation
And we submit to The Warden and his corroding curse
"Can I have some? (Fill up your plate)
I need much more. (Well, in that case...
Give me your soul, release control
a day in chains, then again we'll touch base, ugh)
I can’t see life different than this
Oh, I can’t see wife livin’ with this
Dismissed the gift, I can’t imagine the beauty I’ve missed
Spending so much time in this darkness
Do I like it down here?
Am I from around here?
Was I really born out of the night?
Why don’t I feel fear?


Track Name: Denialism
Ashamed, you deny
Reality is a lie

OUTRO (Thani)
Screw the cost of happiness in our ignorance
Love wins, I think I’d know
Ashamed we deny, reality is a lie – trust me, I read the bible
We’re right, even though we’ve been here before


We’re right, even though we’ve been here before
Love wins, I think I’d know
Screw the cost of happiness in our ignorance
Ashamed we deny, reality is a lie – trust me, I read the bible…



Love wins, I think I’d know


Screw the cost of happiness in our ignorance
Trust me I read the bible


Track Name: The Way of Memories (feat. Dillon Chase)
This was the hardest song for me to write ‘cause//
when I try to respond to You – man,//
I’d rather just sit, stay quiet,//
I don’t really know what to say – //
something simple perhaps, like//
“I love you,”//
but I know in actuality,//
so much time wasted running from you.//

blind to the after, it really does matter,//
‘cause I keep disobeying you, man, I’m hatin’ you//
been trapped in this darkness a tad long//
Dang, this is not meant to be another sad song//
‘Cause honestly I’m tired of that – my whole life//
been wrapped around where the violence at, man where the silence at?//
Point is you still loved me when it was never clear//
that You were there, and I ain’t have the will to shed a tear//

‘cause my pain was too deep.//
For me to keep on living//
Without purpose, there’s more to this//
It’s not just aimless drudgery//
So often, I just wanna end it all//
I don’t remember true peace//
Your truth about life and death//
My God, it’s what’s saving me//

VERSE II (Dillon Chase)
I'm walking up to the Atlantic//
sand sandwich//
between my toes standing//
at the end of an ocean vantage//
point -perspective granted//

as I open up a 16 oz bottle//
and try to get the contents//
of the entire ocean swallowed//
inside these 16 ounces//
That's a picture of obsolete thousands//
songs and responses//
that try to conquer the knowledge//
of God who adopts us//
I can't fit a tenth of a percent//
of the depth in redemptive gifts you give//

so generous we live//
cause you love//
and regenerate us with//
what you've done//
Your Spirit poured out like sweet perfume//
on heathen lewd//
people you free to use//

My God//

Every human act love//
is a dim reflection of the Masters love//
I can't get pass the flood//
of your faithfulness that capsules us//

I'm separated from creation//
embraced by the creator//
never jaded by the hatred//
Love laced my mistakes-savior//

The light, the dark – my apathy//
I’m so glad there’s more to me//
than just a lifeless ragdoll, enslaved in destiny//
‘cause you become what you believe//
This is what you’ve taught me, that you love me//
That theology deems my mentality//
And there’s a second half to the story//
How amazing, I’m becoming best friends with Beauty//
I can’t wait to rule with you//
to chill with you//
to lean my weary head against you//
to embrace you//
to talk to you, face to face//
streets of gold as I walk with you//
Ya kissin’ my forehead; I belong to you//
crying the tears of relief and gratitude//
Until that time, I fight for you//
I need to remember to//
escape the memories and bear substitute//
I want to love you//
I choose to love you//

Folly is our second umbilical cord
Our first breath out of the womb.
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
Ashamed, we deny
Reality is a lie
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
The universe reacts
To rebellion, it incurs pain
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
And our reply is animosity and loathing
Hatred for our condition, our brothers, ourselves
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
The hatred of existence hardens into banality
Menial drudgery - desolation consumes us
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
In the snares of staleness, we crave rapture
And we submit to addiction
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
A gateway drug to a more potent affliction:
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
Beauty's retaliation to our depravity is to reveal a glimpse of Himself
A second time
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
I hope desire ensues
That you're overcome with longing for true beauty
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
Simple yearning won't satisfy; so our correct response should be
To commune with Beauty: with both it and those it occupies
Yet you can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
Beauty, Gratitude's what I have for you
Yet I can escape at any time, there’s one death and one life
And the journey of Love is the second half of the story

Rain has fallen all the day.
O come among the laden trees:
The leaves lie thick upon the way
Of memories.

Staying a little by the way
Of memories shall we depart.
Come, my beloved, where I may
Speak to - speak to your heart.